The Tinker Weekly For June 9, 2013

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the real story in the NSA and PRISM privacy scandal is the collapse of journalism


'This American Life' delves into the nightmare of the utterly broken U.S. Patent system 


what used to take a Boeing painting team 4.5 hours to accomplish, now takes their new robots 24 minutes-- with "perfect" quality

Berkeley discovers a way to make concrete that is more durable and more earth-friendly... from the ancient Romans

a simple vinegar test slashed cervical cancer death rates by one-third in a remarkable study of 150,000 women in the slums of India, where the disease is the top cancer killer of women

religious healthcare corporations are absorbing secular hospitals, and in the process imposing their morality on women's bodies

simply asking people if they had an experience creates false memories of the event-- up to 7 months later


scientists using the most powerful telescope on Earth have discovered that the moments just after the Big Bang happened more like the theory predicts, eliminating a significant discrepancy that troubled physicists for two decades

a man committed to a high-security psychiatric hospital 7 years ago for fabricating a story of large scale money-laundering at a major bank is to have his case reviewed after internal bank documents proving the validity of his claims have been leaked


Doxycycline, a boring antibiotic used to treat STDs and Lyme disease, has just gone from $20 to $3,000 due to shortages


computer whizzes at MIT are using advanced computer technology to reveal microscopic, hidden motion in video-- and it could change healthcare forever


and finally: how only turning right saved UPS $3 million dollars

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Posted on June 8, 2013 .