the tinker weekly: april 28

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Frontline's incredible doc on Syria.

Senator Told Shooting Victim’s Mother He Supported Background Checks, Then Voted Against Them

The second enormous financial scandal of the year appears frighteningly similar to LIBOR, and bares all of the marks of a genuine big-bank conspiracy

it turns out that alcoholic drinks made with diet soda get you drunk faster than ones with regular soda

the texas fertilizer plant that blew up lied to the EPA about what it was holding. shocking, i know

u.s. senator: "who wouldn't use torture on this punk?"

By using a tactic called the 'double Irish,' Facebook paid about .3% tax on $1 billion worth of foreign profit

a school principal discouraged a teen girl from reporting her sexual assault because it could ruin her attacker's basketball career… and then he raped someone else

a proposed law in iowa would reduce the pay of the judges who ruled in favor of gay marriage

watch as the CEO of Nestle explains how water is a commodity that should be privatized, not a basic human right

a lovely practice called 'medical repatriation' allows hospitals to deport immigrants without involving the government, or any oversight at all

there's a town in pennsylvania that will evict you from your apartment if you call the police on your abusive spouse too often

confirmed: racism and conservative ideology are actually indicative of lower IQ

george w. bush's presidency in 24 charts

the bp oil spill was way, way worse than anyone has said

"the upper 7 percent of American households saw their average net worth increase 28 percent, while the wealth of the other 93 percent declined"

most likely the best segment on gun control you'll ever see

Posted on April 22, 2013 .